Test Expert Plus

The Beauty Centre of the Hotel Parigi is proud to present the new TEST EXPERT PLUS – VEGA MED, that will be included in every holiday package of Maurice Mességué.
The Test performs a personalised Holistic approach on any food ingredients that are not in balance with our body.

This type of analysis is performed with the Vegatest method: the system is designed to study how much the food ingredients, can create a disturbance field for our metabolism, altering the functional bioenergetics situation of the Human Body.

The test is based on the principle that the introduced food ingredients, have not only a nutritional value (the "calories" given), but also an "energetic-vibrational" value, that is able to interact "in harmony" with the metabolic functions of our body and not be a "disturbing element".

Following a qualitatively and quantitatively controlled diet, associated with a phototherapeutic draining-detoxifying route, aims not only to lose weight (quantitative aspect), but also to eliminate the toxins accumulated over time in the Organism, especially in connective tissue (qualitative aspect).

A specific food ingredient, however, not in "resonance" with our metabolism, could cause a "block" of this elimination, or make it more difficult and slow.

The personalized indications resulting from the test will be put into practice at once during the stay at the Hotel.

Information material by dr. Nocella Daniele - Surgeon, acupuncture and complementary techniques expert.

Traditional Chinese Medical Methods

Antique method of Chinese origin which consists in inserting extremely fine steel needles, sterile and disposable, in specific parts of the body.
It is useful for symptoms connected with migraines, anxiety, insomnia, functional pathologies regarding the gastroenteric Apparatus, pathologies regarding the muscle-skeletal Apparatus.
Acupuncture doesn't substitute current medical therapies but it flanks them.


A stick of Artemisia Vulgaris (also known as cigar) lit and placed near the skin at the Acupuncture spots or near painful areas, produces heat to soothe tensions originating from muscles or joints, caused by humidity or cold (according to the perspective of traditional Chinese Medicine).
It can be associated with Acupuncture in that way enhancing the result.

Manipulatory technique for tense muscular structures, articular rigidness, anxious or emotional conditions due to stress or anxiety.
The methodology and procedures are identical to those which regulate Acupuncture. Therefore you proceed, stimulating specific areas and particular cutaneous linear developments (defined "Meridians"), the last often coinciding with the progress of the fundamental muscular bonds of the human body.

Application of homeopathic remedies injected in the Acupuncture spots to treat chronic arthrosis pathologies.

Informative documentation edited by Doctor Daniele Nocella (Medical Surgeon) expert in Acupuncture and complementary methods