Maurice Mességué

Nature is always right... Many years ago, mankind discovered the use of plants and natural products to maintain health, prevent sickness and maintain  healthy and shinny skin.

The Mességué Philosophy therefore is based on the quality of natural products used, the knowledge of the benefits that they offer and the proper use by the expert herbalist.

The Mességué Centre properly uses these natural products (rigorously selected in the Mességué laboratory) and correctly dosed by the Centre’s herbalist.

Putting together the herbs, the infusions, diets and other treatments, help to re-obtain the right physical and mental shape.

Maurice Mességué, a precursor totally devoted to the study of plants and their benefits, has been convinced that “nature is right” since the ’50s.

Therefore he was one of the first to report the damages caused by pollution and by some cultivation techniques which were far from being natural. Maurice Mességué sole objective was: allow everyone to lead a more pleasant life thanks to the virtues of plants.

So, to achieve total quality control of his products, Maurice Mességué created his Laboratoires, imposing strict specifications concerning both plant cultivation techniques and the manufacturing of the products derived from plants.

The outcome: Laboratoires Maurice Mességué, after over 40 years, propose natural products which meet the requirements of hundreds of thousands of people in France as well as abroad.

And why should you not enjoy all the benefits of nature with Maurice Mességué Laboratoires products?